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Thank you, interbutts, for 1,361,781 visits!

Kids in Sandbox had its 1,361,781st visitor at 4:41 AM EST, September 8, 2008, from some kind soul in Indianapolis, Indiana! Congratulations!

What People Are Saying About "Kids in Sandbox"

"how the freak do you do that?" - Uggo Puggo
"I have to use a catheter every day, & that made ME uncomfortable." -
"DAMN! She is jamming that in there!" -
"I liked the vid." - CSI_3Stokes
"WTF? why i dont understand thast effing sick." - nburlington
"Interesting. I've seen a lot of shit though so I don't know if it's a good thing I didn't think anything of the video when I watched it other than that it was interesting." -
eleni kavvadias
"ew. how do i make it stop why is it happening again. once was enough.... hey babe(to my wife), come look at this." -
Mike Sita
"Dude I have seen way more fucked up shit than this. I laughed at Hatchet vs. Genitals. Nice video though, my friends will surely love it." -
"holy shit are you people fucking out of you mind damn that makes no sense how can it fit:O where do you ppl find this dumb ass shit????????" -
Norman Duval
"oooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" -
daniel copas
"I hope to GOD that is not real! Please tell me it isn't. That is officially the most fucked up thing I have EVER seen on the Internet!" -
Max Berins
"Huh is this real or edited b/c that can't happen in real life! Seriously looks very painful and sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -
Jeremy Jobe
"I got caugth watckin diz in class !!!!! .....big trouble now" -
".....nonononononononononononono........NO!" -
Nadine Perez
"It looks like "pacman"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -
Richie D
"Make it stop, make it stop!"
- Anonymous Blond Girl
"OH! OH HO! OH! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOO!" - deadmanreloaded
"It's not meant to do that..." - Anonymous Asian Guy
"What? Those aren't kids..." - mwuebk
"... why's she sayin' oh yeah?" - Anonymous Glasses Girl
" <weeping> oh my god :(" - rurounirexsan
"... what the fuck is that...? It's like a hot dog!" - Joe
"It hurts me, and I'm not even a boy!" - Georgia from Chicago
"Oh my god, why is that on repeat, no, oh my god." - Casey

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